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Topics we are looking for:

Composability Architecture Patterns

Blueprints and examples of composable architecture, especially case studies and architecture diagrams of companies that have implemented a composable, headless, microservice, or micro-frontend architecture in their stack.

Team Productivity and Composable Architecture

How composable architectures improve team productivity, morale, recruiting, and happiness.

Security in a Composable World

How do protect the digital castle when you can't build a moat around it? What are good security models for protecting digital infrastructure when the application has been broken apart into different composable pieces.

Understanding Your Composable Users

How do teams create a unified view of their users when the architecture is now composed across multiple systems (e.g. CRM, OMS, and CMS from various providers) and your users are interacting with the brand across multiple touch points (e.g. mobile, desktop, app).

Migrating to Composable Architecture

How to plan your migration to composable architecture.

Headless Commerce and Headless Content

The role of headless CMS and Commerce platforms leading the market and teams to composable architecture.

API Strategies for Composability

As the glue in a composable architecture, your API strategy is critical. Explore the pros and cons of the various approaches, formats, and technologies when implementing a composable architecture? GraphQL vs. REST vs. gRPC? How is service discoverability handled?

Composability: Build vs Buy

How to decide which elements of your tech stack you should "build" in house and which ones make sense to "buy" instead from a vendor. How to evaluate between open source and SaaS vendors when selecting composable technologies.

Maintaining a Composable Architecture

How to maintain observability, operational uptime, deployment processes, and debugging when your tech stack is a sea of microservices and/or SaaS providers.

Who's Talking About
Composable Architecture

Composable architecture has many different names, but one thing is certain is that it's the future of enterprise applications, here are some of the industry leaders sharing their opinions.

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