Federating the Content Layer

Speaker: Gijs Hendrix

While cross-platform content consumption and API-first delivery became the new normal, content architectures are growing increasingly complex again. With the rise of best-of-breed systems design and modular architectures, content is now maintained in a myriad of disconnected data silos, resulting in an overwhelming complexity. The risk of serving outdated data and lack of data consistency in distributed architectures is becoming a maintenance burden. Many organizations perceive custom middleware development as a solution to these challenges, but building and maintaining this is time-consuming and complex.

Who's Talking About
Composable Architecture

Composable architecture has many different names, but one thing is certain is that it's the future of enterprise applications, here are some of the industry leaders sharing their opinions.

Future Of Business is Composable

API-First Architecture

MACH-Centric Approach

The coming SMOKEstack

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