Composability Through Snippets: Code 10x faster by composing your code

Speaker: Khalid Khan

We've all been there: finding and adapting a snippet from a resource like StackOverflow. What if I told you that this is actually the foundation for a new way of looking at writing your code. In this talk, we'll cover how coding snippets bring a new dimension to composability and code reuse. We'll explore a variety of tools including Cacher, Github Co-pilot, and Codiga and how tooling for code snippets can boost your developer productivity.

Who's Talking About
Composable Architecture

Composable architecture has many different names, but one thing is certain is that it's the future of enterprise applications, here are some of the industry leaders sharing their opinions.

Future Of Business is Composable

API-First Architecture

MACH-Centric Approach

The coming SMOKEstack

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