Composability in data - The challenges and opportunities

Speaker: Suresh Srinvas

Digital transformation is reshaping many industries powered by data. In the past decade, billions of dollars have been invested in data platforms and tools that have made storing and processing data scale accessible. But the transformation to being data-driven has been too quick, reactive, and chaotic. Data is unreliable, unproductive, and hard to get right. This stems from the lack of data culture in the organization where development methodologies and processes to streamline data are non-existent. In this talk, we talk about the current state of Composability in data and discuss the challenges and opportunities. We also present how OpenMetadata, one of the fastest growing open source projects solves some of the issues in data composability.

Who's Talking About
Composable Architecture

Composable architecture has many different names, but one thing is certain is that it's the future of enterprise applications, here are some of the industry leaders sharing their opinions.

Future Of Business is Composable

API-First Architecture

MACH-Centric Approach

The coming SMOKEstack

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